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About Us


Our Story

Design Collective West was founded on a love of great places and great spaces. We first met 15 years ago fresh out of grad school, Michele honing her talents as a young architect, and James chasing his “white whale” of a career in the NFL. It soon became apparent that Michele was much more adept at her craft of spectacular design than James was of taking a hit. One tied knot and two kids later, we decided to combine creative forces – bringing together our talents in architecture, interior design, and business.


Michele's talent lies in her ability to see the project from the beginning to the end. In addition to being a licensed architect in numerous states throughout the country, she is an avid interior designer. She thrives on designing a project with the whole picture in mind. Which is why we offer architectural services, interior design services, as well as furniture procurement. It is rare to find a designer adept as Michele that has a firm grasp on both the technical aspects and creative aspects of projects large and small. 

Curious about our design aesthetic? It rests in our excitement for the spectacular, combined with a dedication to function and simplicity. Every client is unique and we pride ourselves on no two projects being the same. 


How about our project management? You can rely on our clear vision for a project’s viability, efficiency, and overall strategy. We work with clients to give them their dream project, throughout the process and in the final design.


Each of our architecture and interior design projects, from high-end residential to hospitality and commercial spaces, comprises this unique blend of talent and process.


We invite you to peruse our website, share some of our favorite things and enjoy our collection of musings and inspirations. In our portfolio, examine the eclectic mix of living spaces we’ve created – ranging from the totally unique, wildly original and funky, to the classically modern, transitionally chic and timeless.


A marriage of architecture, interior design, and business savvy

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”
- Frank Gehry
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