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What's In A Name?

A Rose by Any Other Name

When we initially announced our company’s name, I’m sure a lot of people thought that Design Collective West was a mouth-full. Now that we have been in business for over a year, the time has come to put any questions to rest, and explain why we chose Design Collective West as our moniker. After all, we’re very proud of the name, and perhaps some of our new clients are curious about its origins.

In a series of long and boring naming sessions, Michele and I brain-stormed, generated, reviewed and debated a very long list of names, filling the whiteboard walls with dozens of possibilities. In doing so, we came up with a short list of interesting names and a much longer list of awful names (all of which were Michele’s, of course).

At one point during the naming sessions, the light bulb clicked and we realized that our company name had to express why we were different than every other firm out there. And that’s when the word collective was thrown into the fray.

And what makes Design Collective West different, you might ask? We are a compilation of the best and most multi-faceted professionals in the industry. Let me explain. Most architectural firms excel at one thing, architecture. Interior design firms? Well of course they will be great at interior design. Business and financial gurus? You get the idea. The name collective implies that our staff is comprised of only the most talented individuals from all of these fields. We are unique in that when a client walks through our doors (our we walk through their doors), they are getting the best in architecture, interior design, and business savvy. If you want an amazing, beautiful, and lasting project, we are a one-stop shop that ensures everything flows smoothly from one discipline to the next, combining our design talent with efficiencies and knowledge not found anywhere else. Pretty cool, right?

And so the name Design Collective West came to be.

James Wheeler

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