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Giving Cork the Props it Deserves

Cork is Making a Comeback!

And no I am not just talking about the benefits of drinking a glass of red wine a night :)

One of the most sustainable, eclectic and functional design trends of 2017 will be good old cork.

That’s right, no longer just a 1970’s element, cork circa 2017 represents a cultural shift towards the sustainable, textural and the beautiful.

Look at some of these incredible ways cork is sure to show up in 2017.

Cork walls in replacement of wall paper become, textural minimal focal points and are functional-

Map cutouts of cork are functional works of art that can be done on any scale-

Cork floors in interesting shapes and patterns will be more affordable, sustainable and easy on the knees for homes and businesses-

Cork textiles will be produced and available in interesting colors- gilded-dyed and with different sheens. Furniture such as ottomans, consoles and stools will be wrapped in these interesting and durable swathes.

Lighting, from Hubbardton Forge shown above, as well as other manufacturers, will use the corks natural random texture to let light escape from drums and shades. This will produce light effects and shapes that will create more visual interest and layered texture in lighting.

All in all, I am happy to see the comeback of cork in such fun and inventive ways. How will you add cork to your home, business or space?

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