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American Muscle

I love American muscle cars. Always have, always will. They’re not the most expensive, nor are they the most glamorous or sought after cars. But, there’s an honesty and grit to them I connect with that totally defines my personal style. For example, when I’m composing music, I love blending a powerful melody with grungy guitars. It reminds me of the smooth contours of a black Ford Mustang paired with a ton of power under the hood. Applying the analogy to architecture, my favorite homes are designed as simple geometries and floor plans built with raw, modern materials like metal panels, concrete, and glass.

I’m right at home living and designing outside the box. I love a home completely clad in standing seam metal or lapped cedar siding. One of my favorite light fixtures features a bulb wrapped in a winding ribbon of wood veneer. For me, the fewer materials the better. I love architecture and design that knows exactly what it is that doesn’t pretend to be like anything else; design that’s not afraid to stand alone just like an American muscle car.

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