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Fueling the Creative Side in All of Us

I was always a creative person. I loved to sing and write and paint, but I never thought I would have a career where I would be flexing the right side of my brain quite soooo much. Being an interior designer you spend a lot of time in the creative conceptual world. It’s beautiful and imaginative there, but being a ‘good’ interior designer also means being left sided enough to bridge the gaps between the fantasy and the real three dimensional interpretations of those ideas. How do you balance the left and right sides of your brain? What do you do to fuel your creativity?

I love Steaz Green Tea- it helps me stay sharp, alert and focused and comes in amazing flavors. My all-time favorite is the Green Tea with Coconut Water.

I also fuel up on AVOCADOS every morning, full of OMEGA fatty acids these help your brain function more efficiently. I love them. They make me feel full and have protein and fiber as well.

For my creative brain to be optimal I meditate. I use Guided Meditations By SADHGURU they are free on YOUTUBE check this one out The Power to Create

Spending time in inspiring and beautiful buildings, museums, locations and nature helps me fuel my creative brain. I recently was in Puerto Rico and had the opportunity to attend a Gala the Condada Vanderbilt Hotel. I was so inspired by rosy colors, the Spanish influence and the opulence. It reminded me that good design lasts hundreds of years, it’s such a privilege to create things of beauty that stand and tell their story over and over to millions of observers.

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