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2017 Design Trends Forecast

Happy New Year to our cherished friends and colleagues!

With each new year, we always see new design trends emerge. This year I am thrilled to cast my personal predictions for 2017. Exterior and interior, I anticipate two design philosophies that will see a sharp rise in popularity:

#1 Modest and minimal, yet well-appointed and comfortable.

Described by many as “understated, quiet luxury”, buildings and spaces of 2017 will be designed to feel authentic, original and highly personal, paired with an appreciation of simplicity and casual living. Warm and welcoming yet thoughtfully designed with subtle nods to luxury and beautiful retreat.

#2 Robustness in eclectic and mixed styles.

Millennials and Generation X’ers alike share an appreciation for eclectic, vintage and ‘throw back’ looks. 2017 will see a surge in buildings and spaces designed with a highly curated and ‘layered’ aesthetic. One dimensional, specifically ‘themed’ genres of style will be ousted by a stronger, deliberate mix of traditional and modern, global and chic.

Warm wishes to all for a wonderful New Year!



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