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Trend Alert Gothic. Moody. Large Scale. Floral Wallpaper

Reminiscent of still life art from Holland and Germany in the early 1600’s, there is a surge of new still life floral wallpaper taking center stage in 2017 echoing the moody baroque vibes of the old world.

These florals don’t hold back- they are modern and cool and edgy. They are romantic and rock n’ roll at the same time. Florals, typically a feminine pattern are transformed into more androgynous looks with the darker palette.

Large scale wallpaper

prints like these mean that you don’t need to add much else to the walls.

The paper itself is the art and the statement.

They look amazing in many different spaces- dining, offices, bedrooms, powder bathrooms. They can be used on a single accent wall or a full room to create high visual impact.

The colors of these modern floral prints are dark, lots of blacks and charcoal and muted jewel tones. These colors have closely followed fashions renovation of style from the 90’s. These gothic inspired prints are whimsical and ethereal. Would you dare to put paper like this in one of your spaces?

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